Solution for Teams audio cutting out with "Poor network quality" despite high-speed Internet

My home Internet speed is at least 200Mbps download and 100Mbps upload. But "Poor network quality" pops up during a Teams meeting and audio cuts out! Why?

If "Poor network quality" pops up during a Teams meeting and audio cuts out, try the cause investigation and solution below.

Cause investigation

To identify the cause of the problem, try the following steps.

  1. Internet speed test
  2. Audio device test
  3. Testing on other Internet connections

1.Internet speed test

First, make sure it is not an Internet speed issue with Google Internet speed test.

If the test result is over 50 Mbps, it is not an Internet speed issue. In this case, common measures such as "turn off the camera" or "connect to a wired LAN" are irrelevant.

2. Audio device test

Make sure it is not a problem with your audio device. Have two audio devices (e.g.  headset or earphones with mic, etc.), and if audio cuts out during the Teams meeting, please try replacing the audio device with another.

If you do not have two devices and no one is around, you can remove the headset and switch to your laptop's onboard speakers and microphone when the audio cuts out.

If the audio still cuts out, it is not a problem of your audio devices.

3.Testing on other Internet connections

Try joining a Teams meeting on another Internet connection, such as a cell phone or public Wi-Fi, and test if the audio cuts out as well.

If another Internet connection does not help, it may due to too much cache in the Teams app. In that case, try clearing the Teams cache.

If another Internet connection works well, the root cause is probably a problem with your Internet access point. Please check your ONU (Optical Network Unit) or router.

Solution: Check your ONU/router settings and reboot

Check the user manual of your ONU/router on how to log in to your ONU/router. Then, log in to the ONU/router and check the firewall settings.

Make sure if your ONU/router has a firewall function. If so, activate the firewall.

If no other Internet access through the ONU/router, reboot the ONU/router. It takes about one minute to resume Internet access after rebooting.

If the user manual does not provide instructions how to reboot the ONU/router, unplug it, wait at least 10 seconds and replug it.

Congratulations🎉 No audio interruption on Teams now👍




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